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BURNS PARK is named after Professor George Burns, once an Ann Arbor Commissioner. In 1910, the land known today as BURNS PARK ELEMENTARY and its surrounding area were used as fairgrounds, but were changed to a park and named in honor of Professor Burns. Between 1910 and 1925, trolley barns resided in the park. In January 1925, the barns burned and this school building was built as Tappan Junior High. In 1951, Tappan Junior High moved and took its name with it, leaving the remaining building to take its name from the park – Burns Park Elementary. The school mascot is the penguin.


The BURNS PARK ELEMENTARY PTO is a non-profit organized by the parents and teachers of Burns Park Elementary School. The mission of the PTO is to support the school and the school community by: arranging events that build community for Burns Park families; organizing enrichment activities for students; providing volunteer and financial support for teachers; publicizing school and classroom events, and raising funds to support these activities.


The Burns Park Run was started by the PTO as a fundraiser for 6th grade campers in 1979. Now in its 40th year, this Burns Park Elementary fundraiser has grown and symbiotically supported the activities able to be offered by our PTO to its students and their families. Today’s race is headed by 3 race co-directors and ~130 volunteers working throughout the year on planning, funding, marketing and staffing the Burns Park Run.

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