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Created by the Burns Park Run as a means to benefit other local school PTO programs and promote kids' health and fitness, each registered Kindergarten through 12th grade student participating in the 5K or 10K event can designate to have $10 of their individual registration fee donated back to their school’s PTO. Full value is paid at time of registration; proceed kickbacks are processed post-event as a lump sum directly from Burns Park PTO to the designated school PTOs. Participation in Run for the Schools is built into the online registration system and indicated on the mail-in registration form.  Simply indicate your interest in participating (Y/N) and designate the name of the school to have your school receive the $10 registration kickback.

NOTE: Adult supervision is not furnished by the Burns Park Run for Run for the School participant(s). If necessary, a responsible adult should accompany younger participants. That adult must register to participate and is ineligible to receive a $10 registration kickback through Run for Schools (only Kindergarten-12th grade students are eligible). 

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